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Tonto Dikeh Releases Photos Of Stella Dimoko's Husband Through Fake Social Media Handle

As expected the social media fight between Tonto Dikeh and her former friend, Stella Dimoko has taken an ugly twist as Tonto Dikeh is now going after Stella Dimoko Korkus' alleged white husband whom Stella has done all in her best to keep out of public eye. 

The confrontation stated when Tonto Dikeh posted this through a blogger:

Tonto Dikeh you wanna drag my husband into this? Lol. I married a young fine man and we are aging together and I chose to keep him off the Internet,you married yours,dragged him and beat up his mother. 

If you drag my husband into this eh I will drag you and that confused maggot u call BFF. I am sorry I will not post my husbands photo for u to see. Or u wanna fvck him the way you phyuked toyin Lawanis husband after u sniffed cocaine in her house?the way you fvcked uches footballer boyfriend and his footballer brother?leave my husband alone TontoDikeh.

Tonto Dikeh being Tonto Dikeh still posted the husband's photo anyway - check it out below:

We obviously can't confirm if the photo is the true photo of Stella's husband, but the fight has now stooped to the level of trolling now. 
It has been an interesting day as two mothers were able to battle it out in public, we dont see these too often

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