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Lagos is a small state with high population. Lagos is the centre of commerce and industry. Lagos is the earthly heaven of Nigeria. Lagos is like a paradise to other states in the federation. Lagos state is the most economically viable state in Nigeria; it is the only state that can survive without federal allocation. It is the industrial hub of Nigeria; Lagos is the domicile of foreign investors.

Lagos state is over-celebrated; the impression that Lagos is highly cosmopolitan and sophisticated is the major factor retarding the development of Lagos state. Lagos state is not a good model to other States in the federation. Lagos does not reflect the goodness and glamour of an ideal state.

The structure of Lagos state gives a reflection of the failure of leadership in Nigeria, Lagos is highly disorganized, and Lagos reflects the parlous condition of Nigeria. The traffic congestion in Lagos state is highly horrible, the road network in Lagos is pitiable, citizens are punished for crimes they cannot avoid, the government  inflict pain on innocent citizens when they flout traffic regulations, the government has refused to address the major problems causing traffic deadlock, the government has refused to reduce the rate of motorist on the roads of Lagos, the government has refused to explore other alternatives that will help in reducing traffic congestion on the road, speedboats and the rail lines are highly underutilized. Gov. Sanwo-olu should stop victimizing innocent citizens, the governor should address the ineptitude and cluelessness in government, the government should stop white-elephant projects, and the government should stop celebrating political mediocrity.     

Oyo state is not the dirtiest state in the federation, the waste generated in Oyo state can't be compared to the waste generated in Lagos state.  Oyo and Lagos are conjoined twins, the waste generated in both States are highly under-regulated. The rate at which refuse is generated in both state is an eyesore, a "mind-sore" and a “heart-sore". The government of Oyo and Lagos state should convert the large waste generated in both state into wealth. Waste "recycling" will boost the internal generated revenue in the state; the government should look inward to address the menace in the Nigerian-state.

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