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Sex for marks: Blame the military – Prof Ntuen

The Vice-Chancellor of Ritman University, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Prof Celestine Ntuen, has blamed the prevalence of sex-for-grades or cash for marks syndrome in the country’s university system on the corrupt influence of the past military government in the country. We have the brightest brains in the world. But our brains have now been corrupted by the politicians,” he stated during an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun. Ntuen who is the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of Ritman University, a private university holding its inaugural convocation today, explained that but for corruption and its corrosive effect, there is hardly anything wrong with the Nigerian education.”

He said: “There is something fundamentally wrong, don’t get me wrong; but who created it? We need to go to the cause, not the effect. I have spent more than 30 years in the US. But when I was here for my NCE at the College of Education Uyo (before it became a university) and graduated in 1976, we sat down to do our work and got what we deserved on merit. Our teachers were a moral compass.”

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