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Pamela Odame opens bottle with her big boobs (Video)
Ghanaian video vixen, Pamela Odame Watara has joined the bottle cap challenge which had been trending on the internet for awhile. 
The challenge had so many celebrities partook in it. When social media enthusiasts thought the bottle cap challenge was over and  had died down trend, the slay queen awakens the trend. Watch video below;

The video vixen, took the challenge to a whole different level altogether as she uses her massive boobs rather than her feet to kick off the cap off the bottle.
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The Ghanaian-Kenyan socialite who is famous for her massive b00bs has also taken the challenge and she didn’t do the turning kick that the challenge is famous for.
According to the video shared by Pamela Odame Watara which has been making rounds and a  growing sensation on social media space,  the heavy chested damsel chose to kick the bottle with her boobs and she removed it nice and smooth to the admiration of all.
Image result for Pamela Odame WataraOne of her friends held the bottle {a bottle of popular alcoholic beverage, Kpookeke} and she moved in to remove the cup. The slow-motion effects in the challenge made it priceless. Undoubtedly, Pamela Odame Watara has won the bottle challenged in Ghana.

Source: Dailyadvent

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