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Presidency Finally Breaks Silence On Sowore's Call For 'Revolution', Says Elections More Appropriate

The Presidency has released a statement this evening saying elections are more appropriate for a change of Government than revolution. This is coming a day after Omoyele Sowore was arrested at his home early hours of Saturday. Sowore and others had pledged to carry out a Nationwide protest starting from tomorrow, August 5th.
Nigerians are now eager to know if the protest would still hold or not, considering the DSS has stepped in by picking up one of the group leaders. Below is the press statement from the Presidency condemning the alleged revolution.

Following calls circulating on social/digital media,an organisation that calls itself “Global Coalition for Security & Democracy in Nigeria” plans a “revolution” march tomorrow, Mon 5th Aug,with the aim of bringing “regime change” in Nigeria without recourse to a nationwide vote.

President @MBuhari and his administration respect and uphold the right of every Nigerian to peaceful protest and civil campaign—whether to raise awareness on issues, and even oppose the Govt. It is the inalienable right of ALL citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to do so.

There is, however, a difference between peaceful call to protest and incitement for a revolution.

The organisation championing this planned action is not fronted by any serious public faces. We call on the sponsors and organisers to have the decency to come forward and make their identity known – out of respect to all Nigerians so that Nigerians can be fully aware in whose name this “revolution” is being proposed and who the beneficiaries may be.

Less than six months ago, Nigeria held simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections. Both contests were won resoundingly by President @MBuhari and his All-Progressives Congress (APC) party.

The ballot box is the only constitutional means of changing government and a president in Nigeria. The days of coups and revolutions are over.

Those making the “revolution” call hide behind the veil of social media modernity. But without revealing the identity of their sponsors this shadowy campaign is no better, and no more democratic, than the days of old.

The President calls on all those who seek to use and hide behind everyday citizens to attain power through undemocratic and violent means, which has been alluded, to come out clearly and be identified.

They should lead their march in person. Only then will they begin to have the right to call themselves leaders before the people of Nigeria.


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