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Never Eat Eggs While In These Conditions

Never eat eggs while in these three conditions

Eggs are great sources of protein. Although they have a number of benefits to the body, adding eggs to your daily diet can be perilous in nature to some extent. 
They can worsen an existing condition. Therefore, in some instances, you should avoid eating eggs more often. 

This is why you should avoid eating eggs when on these conditions:

1. Cardiovascular diseases
An egg is a great source of cholesterol, a compound associated with heart-related complications. High cholesterol in the body can stress your blood vessels and particularly the heart. 

When you are suffering from any heart disease, it is better you avoid taking them as they often exacerbate the condition and cause various heart maladies.

“There has been much debate about the role of eggs in relation to heart and circulatory disease. This study suggests that people who ate more eggs were at a greater risk of heart disease because of the cholesterol that’s in them," quoted by Victoria Taylor, Senior Dietitian at the British Heart Foundation.

Why must you eat eggs when you are allergic to them? Eating them may trigger allergic reactions ranging from diarrhoea, lightheadedness and rashes.

2. When you are suffering from diabetes
According to the Journal Atherosclerosis, eating eggs can pose risks to your pancreas. They simply wreck the pancreatic cells which in turn stops them from producing enough insulin required to regulate blood-sugar level in the body. 

This also means that, when you have the condition, try as much as possible to avoid consuming them. Eggs will not only aggravate the condition but make you suffer a lot.

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