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Finally! NAFDAC Bans Sniper From Nigerian Market

This coming after it has been realised that the rate at which people commit suicide has increased with the help of sniper because it helps to take life faster than any other substance.
Even though the main use of sniper is to serve as agricultural pesticide instead, it has been abused and misused. NAFDAC’s Director, Veterinary Medicine and Allied Products Directorate, Dr. Bukar Usman, disclosed this on Wednesday at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan.
Finally! NAFDAC Bans Sniper From Nigerian Market - Books/Literature/Writing
Usman, speaking during the launch of a new herbicide for cassava farmers, “Lifeline”, by UPL, Sprinfield Agro and IITA, said that the agency had asked agro-dealers to stop the sale of the product in open markets and supermarkets. According to him, sniper is an agro-cultural product meant to be used only in the farms and not for households. He urged manufacturers and dealers to cooperate with NAFDAC to mop up the 100ml size of the product which were cheap and easily acquired. He maintained that the directive was not an outright ban of the product but a restriction of its use and availability to farms alone, adding all agro-chemicals meant for farms should not be used in households.

He said ” “There are appropriate products for the control of mosquitoes and other household pests”

Initially NAFDAC planned to regulate the use of the popular poisonous insecticide called sniper because of the recent use of the poisonous substance to commit suicide.

SUICIDE BY ‘SNIPER” Insecticide has turn to a popular choice for Suicidal Nigerians. It can be recalled that about a year ago, Aisha Omolola, a student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, committed suicide, upending a bottle of Sniper insecticide down her bowel. Aisha’s suicide sparked a lot of controversies on social media, due to the mysteries attached it.

In a study by the Suicide Research and Prevention Initiative (SUPRIN) conducted in Lagos State University Hospital. Out of 66 suicide victims cumulatively recorded in 2018, only about 37.9 per cent committed (or attempted) suicide through conventional means, while nearly 62.1 per cent bit the dust by consuming Sniper.

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The national agency for food drugs administration control has ordered agro-dealers to withdraw the product from open markets and supermarkets. 

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