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How A Good Samaritan Lost His Job, Marriage, Imprisoned After Helping A Lady

A 19-year-old Australian woman has confessed that she made false accusations against a Good Samaritan, thus making him lose his job, marriage and spend two weeks in a maximum security prison.
According to source, Kenan Basic had stopped to help the teenager in November, 2018, after she crashed her car and pulled into a BP in Bankstown, Sydney. .

The 36-year-old married father-of-one spent almost two hours helping her get her car back on the road and a CCTV captured the entire interaction and shows the pair chatting happily and even embracing before she drives away.

However, after they drove off, the teenager told police Mr Basic indecently assaulted, stalked her and propositioned her for sex in return for his help.

Days after his act of kindness, Basic was facing serious sexual charges and spent two weeks behind bars in Silverwater Prison. He also lost his job and is now going through a divorce because of the false charges.

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