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Angry Lady Recounts How She Was Delayed In Hospital Because Of Morning Devotion

Lady Angry As Hospital Tells Her She Can't See Doctor Till After Morning DevotionA lady took to her social media page to rant about how a hospital put religious beliefs before medical care.
According to the lady, she took her kid to the hospital by 8:30am, hoping to see the doctor as soon as possible, before heading out to work.

The lady, identified as Opemiplenrry on her Instagram page, said she was delayed because the hospital staff had to do their morning devotion.

She wrote,
Nigeria my country. I come to the hospital to see the doctor and hope to leave early to start my day and you tell me I have to wait till you all finish your company’s morning devotion.
Like seriously at 8:30am. What happens to starting morning devotion at 4am. Mshewww.
Like seriously, considering it’s my first time coming here with my kid.

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