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29,723 Nigerian Immigrants In The U.S. Overstayed In 2018

A new report revealed that 29,723 Nigerian immigrants in the US ‘overstayed’ in 2018, after arriving as non-immigrants through the air or sea port of entry (POE).The report titled: “The fiscal Year 2018 Entry/Exit Overstay Report”, shows the numbers and rate of expected departures of foreigners, who arrived in the United States as non-immigrants.
195,785 Nigerians who were given visas into the US, were expected to leave ”within the above window.” However Nigeria had 15.18 per cent rate of overstay, and a suspected ‘In-Country Overstay’ rate of 14.81 per cent. A push further revealed that 29,723 Nigerian immigrants in the US ‘overstayed’ in 2018 (No departure record for 29,004 immigrants; while only 719 travellers left the country after their visas expired).
On the other hand, Djibouti, a small Africa country, has the highest rate of visa overstay immigrants at 180; with 403 expected departures. The numbers translate to 44.67 per cent and a Suspected In-Country Overstay rate of 43.92 per cent.


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  1. Nigerians are the most talk about when it comes to a large number of immigrants who overstay in US. They are the most visa rules disobeyers.