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Game of Thrones Season 8: Make your picks, the next round of the GoT Challenge is open

Time to play:

It’s a real-life struggle for the Iron Throne — with a pack of contenders neck-and-neck as we open Round Two of the GoT Challenge. Which means this could be your chance to win.

It’s a real-life struggle for the Iron Throne — with an extraordinary 18 contenders neck-and-neck in first place after Episode One of Game of Thrones’ Season Eight.
The GoT Challenge Round Two opens today with a new suite of trivia questions and a field of characters whose fate players can predict, a bit like fantasy football for Westeros, with a replace iron throne worth $10,000 as the ultimate prize.
Without giving too much away, new questions this week touch on how certain characters greet each other and a vital matter for most of us: snacks.
As thousands of players are already discovering, it takes just moments to register and make your picks for each episode; and it’s certainly not too late to start.
The field will narrow as each episode passes — and just like in the show, there will be twists, turns and opportunities for advancement. So start your quest for the throne — and lots of other GoT prizes — now at
“Hey, Jon. Who are you tipping in the GoT Challenge? And don’t tell me you know nothing.”

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