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Delta Slay Queen Busted After She Hacked a Bank Account & Stole Phones At A Party (Video)

According to an eyewitness who gave account of the incident as:
Aisha the evil girl Never knew charm exist until yesterday, she was invited to my sister’s birthday party yesterday she stole me and my younger sister phone Samsung galaxy A8 and Samsung s6 stole ATM card, my wig, our wristwatches and successfully hacked my account not knowing when she was sent to collect something from my room she collected my room card key after we slept off not nothing
she later used the key to open the door and stole our valuables using charm to put us to deep sleep haba Aisha hacked my account with her boyfriend and transfer the money to other account quickly left the hotel by 4am this morning and run to warri with my things and this morning she did not off my phone because she was receiving alert and also withdrawing it
Aisha my money is not complete o u must complete my money cos I worked hard for it and please friends

Note : never u give someone u don’t know in party or any other occasion ur phone because that was how she check all of my details and planed to stole my phone by all means

Watch video:

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