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5 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Is Single

It can be extremely difficult to find out whether a girl is single or not upon first glance. However, if you are able to talk to her family and friends, look for specific signs, or engage her in a conversation, you will soon find out whether or not she is single and available. Remember to always be respectful and be careful not to creep her out by making her feel like she is being stalked.
How to Find out if a Girl Is Single
1. Check her ring finger.

A wedding ring is an obvious way to know if she is single. A wedding ring is traditionally worn on the left hand on her fourth finger. Some married women may not always wear their ring for various reasons so don’t feel that a woman without a ring is 100% single.

2. Search her online profile.

Social media is a great way to find out if she is single because they provide an outlet for her to express her relationship status. Whether she explicitly states that she is in a relationship or simply has many pictures with the same guy, you can quickly gauge whether this is something that you want to pursue.

If you don’t have full access to her social media account, send her a friendship request. Be sure that you are proud of your own profile before
allowing her access to see yours. There may be incriminating photos of you that may cause her to hesitate to tell you whether she is single.

3. Evaluate her social calendar.

If she constantly is out with her single friends then there is a good chance that she is single as well. If you don’t know her social calendar, simply ask “what are you up to this weekend” or “did you get up to anything fun last week?

If you see her out at the same bar or club within a short time span, this may be an indication that she is single and is hoping to meet someone.

If you are in a bar or club and you see someone who does not talk to many men or is not on the dancefloor, it may be because she is not single and does not want to send the wrong message. In contrast, if you see a woman who is open to dancing and chatting with other men, there is a good chance that she is single.

5. Look for eye contact.

Whether you’re in a bar or in a grocery store, if you find that you can lock eyes and maintain eye contact, it may be indication that you have caught her attention and she is flirting with you. It may also be a clear indication that she wants you to talk to her. Be careful not to keep staring if she looks away or if you’re unclear whether she’s just looking out of pure coincidence. If she is smiling and maintaining eye contact, you have a good indication that she is approachable.


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