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‘What We Are Doing To Improve Service Delivery’

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has listed some of the steps it is taking in improving quality of service (QoS) offered by mobile network operators (MNOs) in the country.
This is contained in the frequently asked questions on the commission’s website. Listing some of the steps it has taken to improve QoS, the commission said it had issued directives to operators to suspend all promotional activities that result to increased up‐take of service which may lead to congestion of the networks and degradation of the network performance.
“The commission has also set up a traffic monitoring committee on QoS, to monitor Qos thresholds and have directed that any network that does not meet the thresholds should pay compensation to subscribers. The commission has since published the QoS thresholds, acquired monitoring equipment and has embarked on continuous monitoring of network performance based on the threshold,” it said.
Addressing issues of the commission’s intervention on the high cost of GSM tariff, it said it had continued to license more operators and had twice reduced the interconnect rate which has a direct effect on retail tariff. It advised subscribers to ensure that they “shop right” by choosing networks with comparative lower tariffs, raising optimism that competition would continue to bring down tariff as the case in most liberalized markets.
It also encouraged telecom consumers to filed complaints against telecom operators to consumer affairs bureau of the commission via and also via the complaint form on the NCC consumer portal.
Recall that the NCC has shown its commitment in pushing for the protection of the right of the consumer at different fora through public education and sensitization.
The commission through its town hall meetings and telecom consumer parliament seeks to bring together telecom consumers with the network operators and the regulator (NCC) to discuss and proffer solutions to consumer-related issues and in line with a cardinal objective of the NCC of ensuring consumer empowerment through the provision of necessary information and education.
This is with a view to delivering on its mandate of regulating the telecom industry and protecting telecom consumers involved in empowering the consumer through information and education to take the right decisions, especially when their rights as consumers are trampled upon.
The commission has flagged the importance of consumers’ rights as the right to receive the correct information on services they subscribed to; the right to be provided with clear, complete, and accurate information, with a language that will be understood, towards guiding them to make informed decision on products and searches offered to them.

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