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Ex CBN Deputy Governor, Bayo Adelabu Enjoying A Bowl Of Amala After Elections

I went for my favourite Amala and Abula session at Skylolo, Sky Bank, Bodija, Ibadan. I made my order and thereafter sat down comfortably to devour my well garnished bowl of Amala delicacy.
Midway through my meal, a man joined the table and sat down directly opposite me, he was making a call and talking about travelling to the UK next week to spend time with his children. I looked up, and looked again, lo and behold, it was Chief Bayo Adelabu.
I couldn’t believe it. I shrugged. “it can’t be the man” – I confidently said to myself. I decided to look again and, this time, I was pretty convinced it was him. I then decided to bell the cat. I asked him without further hesitation: are you Chief Bayo Adelabu? He promptly said yes and nodded at the same time. I was taken aback, albeit pleasantly.
I told him I was surprised to see him sit down with us in a Buka like that, without any security personnel milling around. He appeared so simple, so friendly and so pro-people. I told him right there that I couldn’t believe the fact that I was sitting directly opposite a former CBN Deputy Governor, a billionaire and a man who had just lost the a keenly-contested governorship contest, barely a week ago. I enjoined him to keep it up.
That, with time, people will definitely take to him and his simple lifestyle. That the people already love him. That he lost the election for reasons that are not his fault in any way. At this stage, other revellers came close, hugged him, took pictures with him and wished him well in his future ambition. I was about to leave after all this when he pulled me back and asked for my phone number. Waoh! I was like “really”? Me? We immediately exchanged numbers.
Suffice it to say that this man is simple to his bone marrow. He is definitely a born leader. A man of the people without a hair of arrogance or greed. He is definitely one for the future. I am still surprised he was that simple and down to earth. I love him wholeheartedly. Kudos, sir!

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