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9 Ways to Be More Productive At Office/Work Backed By Science

Do you feel like you don’t get much done at the end of every day in the office?

Do you wish that you could work smarter and not harder so you can be more productive in the office?

Then tighten your seat belt as we will be discussing some hacks that successful people have used to become more productive at work.

1. Get Enough Rest the Day Before
The first step to a productivity day in the office is to be full aware and awake. Science has proven that the average human needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep to function properly. That means for you to be productive the next day, you need to have your full doze of sleep.

Most people use different stimulant to help them cope with staying mentally alert. And it has been scientifically proven that taking more than 4 cups of coffee per day is not good for the health.

So if you want your day to have a great start, then you need to rest well so that you don’t need stimulants to “struggle to stay awake”.

2. Have a To-Do-List
To fail to plan is to plan to fail. I am sure you must have heard that quote a million time but how many people actually do it.

The thing is, creating a to-do-list is one of the best ways to work smarter. Your to do list should guide what you intend to achieve for that day. It should focus on the task that will bring you closer to your objective.

But the trick to a successful to do list is not to create the task list but to actually create it a day before you go to bed. This means your to do list should be the last thing you do before going to bed.

3. Get Rid of Digital Devices
According to a new study, the average human spend at least 5 hours on the phone a day. The problem with this amount of time spent is that it is not spent on productivity app but spent checking emails, social media apps and much more.

To be more productive, you need to get rid of distraction and this includes digital devices like mobile phones. If possible, mute notifications on your mobile device to avoid unnecessary distractions and turn post notification on Skype off.

4. Create a Playlist
Do you know that listening to music releases dopamine and serotonin into the brain which in turn help you to focus more?

Yes. That is the power of music and its role in helping you stay productive. The major challenge is that no all type of music is application to every project.

Have different playlist that matches your mood and the tasks you want to perform. Luckily you can download all your favorite music here on

5. Use Productive App to Save Time
Productivity apps are designed to help you save time doing repetitive work so that you can work smarter and not harder. The key is to identify which type of productivity app you need to use for different task.

There are different apps for different purposed. For example, you should use apps like WeTransfer to transfer large file, Evernote to write down that idea that might have just popped into your head while taking a shower or commuting to work.

Need more automation, try Zappier or use Google Drive to make your files accessible to you every time.

6. Drink Water and Eat Well
Do you know that just 1% of dehydration can reduce productivity by over 12%. That is how much impact drinking water can have on the human system.

At work, we tend to burn lots of energy and calories and this energy needs to be replaced. That is why drinking enough water during the day is important. Instead of taking that second cup of coffee or tea, go for water. It is healthy and safer.

It is recommended that men drink 3.7 litres of water per day while women take around 2.8litres of water per day.

7. Work in Batches
Now to the real productivity hack people hardly talk about.

And that is to work in batches. You see the average attention span of anyone is around 8seconds and science has proven that after about 30mins, most people start to get distracted. This means that for you to be really productive, you need schedule your task in batches.

Break down your task into a 30 min run. Take a break of 5 min and then start the next task. This way you are able to concentrate better, focus more and work smarter.

8. Eat your Frog Early
Eating your frog early is a metaphor for doing the most intimidating task first. This is because most people function better very early in the morning. In the morning, most people are more creative and can therefore think better and more clearly.

That means you have more energy and mindset to do the most difficult and annoying task first. Then you can schedule other part of the remaining task for the remaining part of the day.

9. Take a Walk
Lunch break are supposed to be lunch break. Most people do not take their lunch break while other takes it at their desk. But this is usually wrong. If you want to be productive, you need to make use of your lunch break.

Eat your lunch away from your desk, walk to the cafeteria. Whatever you do or in whichever way you spend your lunch time, avoid sitting at your desk.

The End!

Productivity employees are 20% more happy at work and this means they will get more thing done faster and less scared of going to work the second day.

Now over to you, which of these productivity tips are you going to start implementing today?
Thanks for reading.

culled from Naijaloaded

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