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Umm Salamah- II

Her widowhood and marriage to the Prophet, .
In the third year of Hijrah (Migration of the Prophet from Makkah to Madeenah), Abu Salamah fought in the Battle of Uhud. In that historic and crucial battle, his arm was wounded by a poisoned arrow shot by the enemy. He later recovered after treatment, but could survive only for a few months. His wound relapsed and ultimately he died.
Umm Salamah was immensely grief-stricken at the demise of her loving husband. When the Prophet heard about this, he went to offer condolences to her and asked her to have patience and bear the calamity with fortitude.

According to one narration, when the Prophet paid a condolence visit to Umm Salamah after the death of her husband, he asked her to pray Allah to grant Abu Salamah the lofty rank of the righteous and grant her a better husband than him.

At this, Umm Salamah wondered who could be a better husband for her than Abu Salamah . Seeing the forlorn state of Umm Salamah after she was widowed, Abu Bakr sent her a proposal for marriage, which Umm Salamah declined.

The Prophet was greatly impressed with the courage, which Umm Salamah displayed in facing the misfortunes and adversities of life. He was also highly moved for her tragic situation and sent the proposal for marriage to her through 'Umar Ibn Al-Khattab . Umm Salamah consented, and in Shawwal, the 4th year of Hijrah, her marriage to the Noble Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, took place.

A Historical example of her wisdom
In the 6th Hijrah year, the Prophet accompanied by his 1,400 companions decided to perform 'Umrah (minor Pilgrimage). When Quraysh learned about this, they decided to stop the Muslims from performing the pilgrimage; but when the Muslims decided to fight them they feared and signed a treaty with the Muslims, which consisted of several terms and conditions which appeared to be unfair for the Muslims as it prevented them from performing 'Umrah that year.

The Prophet accepted these conditions in adherence to the Divine Command instructing him to do so. Then the Prophet ordered the Muslims to slaughter animals in sacrifice (indicating the end of the 'Umrah rites). But the Muslims hesitated in offering the sacrifice, which grieved the Prophet .

Umm Salamah who was with the Prophet on this journey, heard this and suggested to the Prophet to offer the sacrifice, shave his head and take off the Ihram. The Prophet did so acting on her advice. When the companions saw that the Prophet’s command was irrevocable, they at once sacrificed their animals and shaved their heads.

Her character:

Umm Salamah led a very simple and austere life. She was a devout worshiper. Every month, she may Allah be pleased with her fasted for three days (other than the fasting of Ramadan). Once, she wore a necklace, which had a little amount of gold in it. The Prophet did not like her wearing even this little amount of gold. So Umm Salamah immediately took it out.

Umm Salamah was very generous. She implored others also to give away in the cause of Allah. Whatever she had, she would readily give away to a beggar or a needy person.

Once, a few destitute people came to her begging for charity importunately. Umm Salamah, may Alalah be pleased with her, ordered her maid not to send them back empty-handed, and if there was nothing in the houses, she should give them just a few dates.

Umm Salamah has narrated 378 Hadeeths of the Prophet . In moral excellence and nobility of conduct, she ranks, among the Prophet’s wives, next only to 'Aa'ishah . She, may Allah be pleased with he,r was an excellent reciter of the Quran, and her style was much similar to the Prophet’s. She was endowed with exceptionally beautiful countenance, deep knowledge, intelligence and sound judgment.

Her death:

After a life filled with faith and righteous deeds, the Mother of the Believers, Umm Salamah may Allah be pleased with her died in the year 61 A.H., aged 84 and the venerable Companion, Abu Hurayrah led the people in her funeral prayer, after which she was buried in Al-Baqee' Cemetery in Madeenah.

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