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Extract From The Electoral Act 2010. That May Concern Corp Member (PO/APO)

Extract from the Electoral Act 2010. That may concern Corp member (PO/APO) 
Blind and incapacitated Voter Section 56

56. (1) A voter who is blind or is otherwise unable to distinguish symbols or who suffers from any other physical disability may be accompanied into the polling unit by a person chosen by him and that person shall, 
after informing the Presiding Officer of the disability, be permitted to accompany the voter into the voting compartment and assist the 
voter to make his mark in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Commission. 

(2) The Commission may take reasonable steps to ensure that voters with disabilities are assisted at the polling place by the provision of suitable means of communication, such as Braille, Large embossed 
print or electronic devices or sign language interpretation, or off-site voting in appropriate cases 

Source: Electoral Acts 2010
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