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Stakeholder Tasks Politicians On Outdated Curricula

Dr. Kunle Hamilton, the Convener of Shaddaiville Leadership Academy, has urged post-election leaders in Nigeria to ensure a review of the outdated curriculum and ensure effective supervision to eradicate embezzlement of funds meant for growth and development of education at all levels.
According to him, this has become necessary to revamp the tertiary education system and its curriculum that has become a yellow-page and archaic document in many areas.

Speaking on the sidelines of the graduation ceremony of the school recently in Lagos, Hamilton expressed disappointment in the leadership of the country as young Nigerians are still being trained and tutored in Federal and State tertiary institutions with a curriculum that is over 30 years old, saying “It’s no longer relevant to today’s economy”.

He tasked leaders that may emerge from the 2019 elections at all levels to deliberate attention to the strict implementation of the education budget and put in place a monitoring system that will make it impossible for the universities and polytechnics administrators to embezzle funds meant for the institutions.

“By and large, it is also the duties of the Police and the Military to monitor the funds meant for institutions so that they are used for their purposes,” he added.

He also seized the opportunity to advise parents to set good examples for their wards to mould their characters appropriately and inculcate in them good values, saying that child education go beyond payment of school fees.

“As parents, it is our responsibility to teach these children good values and trust in God to help us overcome some vices which are not good enough for the children.”

Speaking on the leadership school, which according to him, has impacted over a thousand individuals, Hamilton said it was designed to help prepare youths for the challenges ahead.

Expressing disaffection with the quality of undergraduates and graduates leaving tertiary institutions he said: “They lack character; in fact, something has happened to our value system in Nigeria”.

“Today it’s true we are trying to fight corruption but truly, it is not people in business and in Politics that are corrupt. I think that corruption had found its way into almost every home and almost every heart and it doesn’t help the young promising Nigerians,” he said.

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