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Girls Mindset Toward Marriage That They Need To Change

Try to ask a girl of 20 years her kind of Man she would like to marry " l like a man who is rich, tall, handsome, educated and connected " would be her reply.

By the time she Is 28 her reply would be " I like a man who is comfortable and faithfully " not rich again but comfortable and not tall and handsome again but faithful.

When she approaches 33, her tune would change again. " I need a man who is God fearing, caring and supporting " would be her reply. That's when she will remember God!

If the girl is still unlucky and the husband has still not arrived in her late thirties, she would tell you that who is ready and willing to accept her " the way she is " a man who would always be there for her. That is when the storm of life will begin to blow and they will for they are part of life

If she were unlucky to find a man who doesn't give a hook about the wrinkles which the use of excess cream and soap have done to her body and the sagging paw of breasts her song would change again. By this times she will be in her early 40's, ask her what kind of man! Well, you should just give me a man that's man enough. Now she has become a beggar, begging to given. That's the way the cookies crumbles.

Suppose, she started looking for a man that's man enough at 20 years of age she wouldn't have gotten to 40 years still looking for a man.

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