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Before You Die, Please Read This

A testimony from a Nigerian woman (Gracia Ayikoe):

When I died I was transported to heaven. I was shown the movie of my life right from birth. Everything was filmed and recorded. I could not deny anything. Later the angels transported me to visit hell. Beloved, this is the time we must proclaim the good news of the gospel in loud voice, what is sad is even as we are speaking, many are landing in hell, over there people call Jesus for help. They ask for one second opportunity to repent but it’s too late. There are many departments in hell. We were traveling from one department to another.


When we went to the youth department, I was horrified, and I shouted in compassion and horror, as a result a monitor appeared, I saw Jesus Christ on the cross crying like a baby for these people. The angel said to me, “Gracia your shout of mercy and horror has reached heaven and the heart of Jesus who started to cry for these damned souls, because his blood cannot save them anymore, in this scenario there is nothing Jesus can do for them, then I saw blood was coming out of Jesus’ hands.

In this department, I saw demons torturing a young woman. They spread her legs the way we do with chicken, they went to take knives and sharp instruments and they perforated her with these knives, imagine knives in your intimate parts how it hurt. Repeat after me, “I am not going to hell in the name of Jesus!!!

Then I saw a demon coming with penis of steel, let me tell you I was a prostitute, I saw all things but not a penis in steel, the length of this penis was one meter. The lady was torn apart every time the demon was raping her, after minutes her body was coming back together again, and it was repeated cycle.
The angels said, “Gracia, the young woman that is tortured, her name is Clarice, she was a choir singer and a pastor translator, but one day she went to commit fornication. While she was coming back home, she was hit by a car, she did not have time to repent.

The angels said to me that apart from Clarice, there are many musicians here, many choir singers, many pianists, many fanfarists, many gospel singers, this is their department. I’m asking gospel or choir singers to live in holiness and avoid fornication. Beloved, in hell human are treated like toys by demons, they can do whatever they want with human especially if you are a Christian, that’s why we must go to heaven with our family at all cost.

Later, we went to the department of superstars where I saw Michael Jackson. What I noticed about these stars is that they all had the mark of the beast 666 on their forehead because they were in covenant with Lucifer before they die, they were begging that people should not listen to their songs on earth. There, I saw demon, they were like playing football, there were 2 teams with 
goalkeepers, defenders, forwards, demons were actually using a human as ball, the was a star on earth. He was screaming in pain. I don’t want people to listen to my music. Among superstars undergoing that treatment was Michael Jackson, the angel said, “Gracia, look carefully.” When I looked, I saw Michael Jackson amongst these superstars. If you watch MJ’s concerts, you will notice that people were in extreme emotions and many were dying as a consequence. The angels said that when he was alive, he entered into covenant with the angel of death, over here he is begging people not to sing his songs and every time people are singing his songs on earth, he is punished and tormented here. 
The angels said that a lot of his songs led many people to hell, many are in hell because of michael jackson’s songs. If you watched his concerts, you will notice that people are passing out as a result of emotions and many died in his concerts and went to hell. The angel said that while Michael was alive on earth, he signed a covenant with the angel of death who provided him all things he wanted, this explained that every time he is in tour, people die. These superstars entered in covenant with demons. They sold their souls to the devil. If you have their cds, please get rid of them.


There were a lot of occultic pastors in hell. We saw a man in fire, demon was stabbing him and torturing him. He had a snake in his neck. The 2 angels said, “Gracia, this man was a pastor, then the angels projected this pastor’s life in a monitor, this pastor started his ministry very well in the beginning because he was really called by Jesus.

Then in that monitor, I saw him in the company of occultic pastors. He was complaining that his church was not full and that it was half empty, it should have been full by now. The bible say that bad company corrupt good morals. As I was watching his movie in the monitor, I saw as the pastor went to make a covenant with a demon, after he signed the agreement with the demon, his church became overcrowded with people. It became really full. He opened many branches as the church kept on expanding but the pastor failed to understand that the devil takes more than he gives. Then one day, the pastor got sick and was taken to the hospital, in that hospital, doctor noticed that his sickness was incurable. They did what they could but there was no result. Knowing that his sickness was incurable instead of confessing his sin, this pastor died just like that without confessing that he even failed to tell his church that he buried mystical stuff beneath his church.

Then the angel said to me, “Gracia, there are a lot of false prophets and false pastors, they are misleading good-hearted Christians and good intention Christians. Many false prophets have led many Christians to hell and they are still leading many to hell, there are a lot of them that’s why you should stop running after miracles, you don’t know these men and the source of their power.
As far as Jesus is concerned, the priority is a life of holiness. Jesus said, “If you dwell in me and my Word dwell in you, ask whatever you want, stop following these false prophets and don’t give them your head and be careful with their oil. You should pray for your pastor instead of running after false pastors. Today, no one pray for men of God. People are looking for faults or sin in them.


There is a place in hell for pastors’ wives and there are a lot of them, most of them have destroy the works of God. These women always argue and quarrel with the pastors instead of taking time to pray for their husbands. A pastor’s wife must be a peacemaker not someone who light the fire at home. She should be a peacemaker as the bible says that a wise woman builds his house but foolish one brings it down. Pastors’ wives should seek peace in their house and pray for their husband and the church, we should also pray for pastors’ wives in case they have weakness instead of criticizing them.


Hell is demons’ domain but there is a place like in hell that is their realm, there are no human over there. We visited the kingdom of demons in hell, this is a territory of demons only. The angel showed me demons having multiples concertation and working meetings where they were sharing different strategies to attack Christians and pastors and their families. I saw many kinds of demons in hell, all colors, all sizes, all types I saw them with their leader. I noticed that these demons were in a meeting that was led by their leader, then the 2 angels told me, “Gracia, listen carefully to what they are saying.

The prince of demons asked his fellow demons, “What can we do to precipitate more human here in hell?” I was surprised because hell seems to be overcrowded yet they are trying to figure out ways to bring more people in hell. Then a demon stood up in the meeting and said I proposed that we multiply pornographic movies, then another demon stood up and said, “I think we should do more soap operas, another demon said, “We should do more violent cartoon for children and war movies.”

The angels said, “These soap operas have demonic origin with the aim of influencing teenagers especially girls.” Demons give ideas and inspirations to people to do these things the same thing for pornography, when teenagers visit internet cafe, they are always watching porn, now it is even in their mobile phones, even married couples are watching porn under the pretext of trying to increase their love, even if you are married you cannot launch yourself into unnatural sex practices like anal or oral sex, these practices are devilish and lead to hell.”


I saw children in hell. I said to myself how come Jesus that claim to be love is allowing children in hell? The angel replied, “From the moment a child can distinguish good and evil he has to make a choice, then I saw a child crying and saying I repent, I will not steal again.., the angel said that this child is in hell because he stole a 25 pence peanut and her mother was not happy and she punished him but when his daddy came back he was not happy that the boy was punished, he took him in his car, they went out and had an accident, both of them died and they ended up in hell. The angels said, “Children are coming to hell because of violent cartoon, dragon and demons in these cartoons than influenced them to be rebellious towards their parent.”
I don’t have words to describe hell, it is beyond imagination, people are asking for a second chance, but it is too late for them, in hell people are abusing and insulting God for what they are going through.


We move to a place where there were people with tattoos all over their bodies. I saw men and women with tattoos on their breast and their buttocks, there were scorpion, flowers, dragon, etc, other had tattoos on their thighs, others on their hip, and others all over their body. What is going on here is that where there is tattoo on your body a demon will come with a knife and cut that part of your body. I saw people screaming in pain, then after some minutes, the part of the body that was cut will grow again. Then the demon will come again, and the process will repeat itself. The worst case is people who have tattoos all over their body, they are cut by demon like we cut fruit. The angel said to me, “Gracia, tattoos are brought to the world by demons, it is their property.”
Beloved, the bible said everything God created is good, there is no need for tatoos. Later, we went to a place where people who changed their skin tone where they were also tortured.


We went to the department of people who aborted. I saw people who aborted. I saw doctors who performed the operation. I saw people who advice the perpetrator. When a baby is aborted although he goes to heaven, he is still shouting vengeance against anybody who contributed in this crime, one way or another either by advice, money and doctors assisting in the operation there are tortures for people who abort. I saw demon suspending woman and man upside down leg wide open and they were cutting their private parts.

My beloved, you must do whatever it takes to avoid hell, because over there, demons can afford to subject human being to whatever tortured they want.
There are also department for people who masturbate, people have sex before marriage, you do don’t want to hear their punishment in hell.

(this is a transcription from Hell Testimony: The Case of Michael Jackson and False Pastors)

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