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Christmas Power: You Can't Resist How These People Are Approaching Customers

It has been people’s custom to set forth with their various goods in the market on any festive day.
‘So good is the Christmas is always recalled; 25th of every December’.
People of Sango market; the farmers with farm products such as; Vegetables, Tomatoes, Yam; Domestic items; Goats, Turkey, fowls e.t.c were spotted in the market as early as the first Cock crow; hawking and advertising their goods and signaling the festive spirit which brought the good tone and expression out of them.

Some marketers while consumers are negotiating with them, they can’t be overlooked nor bypassed without buying anything from them, because of the mood they approached the buyers with.

At quarter of the day, people were still buying and selling without any rancor or unusual noise, even till the end of the Christmas day.

Before evening, some marketers left market for Christmas celebration while some were still busy selling.

Reported by Stefan

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