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2018-2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 2 - TUESDAY, NOV 27th ,2018

2018-2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 2 - TUESDAY, NOV 27th ,2018


HCM134- Food & Nutrition
HCM241- Understanding Tourists And Hosts
AGR203- Principles Of Crop Production
AEM202- Introduction To Rural Sociology
SOS203- Introduction to Agro-Climatology
NSC207- Medical Biochemistry II
NSC111- Foundations Of Nursing
NSS201- Foundations Of Nursing
CRS210- History And Religion Of Israel
ISL245- Ilm _L-Kalam And Development Of Muslim Firaq
ISL136- Women In Islam
FRE102- Basic French Grammar And Composition II
ENG162- Elements Of Drama
ENG216- Survey Of English Literature II
CRS122- Types Of Theology

GST101 Use Of English And Communication Skills I
ARD202 Principles Of Rural Sociology
HCM244 Tourists Sites: Products And Operations II

GST105 History And Philosophy Of Science
CRS261 Christian Counseling
HCM235 Beverage And Cost
HCM147 Tourism Policy And Planning
ARD203 Introduction To Home Economics

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