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How I Was Wrongly Accused Of Rape And Got Sacked, Man Shares Experience

On the 6th of January 2020 is the day I won’t forget. I work as a personal assistant/secretary to my boss who happens to be a former politician.

My boss came to work with her housemaid for her to help in sweeping, cleaning and tidying up the office being the resumption day.

She instructed us on how to go about it before she stepped out from the office promising to come back in the afternoon.

We started the work immediately until afternoon time when I decided to rest and eat.

While eating I beckoned the grown up housemaid to come and eat or at least rest before she continues the cleaning but she declined.

After like an hour, I told her to rest small, she declined yet again. This prompted me to go close to her in order to convince her to eat something or rest.

My worst mistake and nightmare was attempting to put my hand on her shoulder in my stupid bid to convince her.

Immediately my hand touched her shoulder she started shouting continuously that I want to rape her, that she will deal with me; in fact that I will get sacked.

At first I told her my intention, but she wouldn’t hear me, I then resorted to pleading, I even knelt down begging her that it wasn’t my intention to rape or grab her.

She couldn’t stand my talks and pleading, she called the boss immediately telling her that I want to rape her.

We narrated everything to the boss, (a lawyer), when she returned.

After hearing from us she said she has stayed with her maid for couple of years, thus she trust her, and it may be true that I wanted to rape her or lure her for sex.

She couldn’t see my explanation, pleadings and even crying. She said she has two options; either to call police for me or to sack me. That’s how she later sacked me that day.

I have been devastated and depressed since that day, not because of the sack but the allegation and accusation that was not even on my mind.

The worst is that as an introvert I have no one to talk to, I am damn down.

1. I have no intention of raping, grabbing or having sex with her
2. I will not be so stupid to rape or have sex with the housemaid in the office knowing that the boss will come at any time
3. I have not raped anyone or plan to do so in the future because I know is morally and legally wrong.

What Should I Do?

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