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Anthony Joshua Issues Final Warning To Ruiz Ahead Of Rematch

Anthony Joshua, former heavyweight champion, has dished out a final warning to Andy Ruiz ahead of their rematch showdown to hold in Saudi Arabia.
The British-Nigerian born pugilist will have a golden chance of proving Ruiz’s victory over him in June was a fluke and similarly reclaim his belts when he faces the heavyweight champion on December 7.
With attention directed towards the fight dubbed “clash of the dunes” Joshua expressed confidence in winning, saying all eyes are on him.
“It’s amazing, it’s my fourth time challenging for the belts,” the 30-year-old boxer said.
“I fought Charles Martin, unified against Klitschko when the belts were up in the air, fought again for the world title [against] Joseph Parker and I’m fighting again for the world title. “I feel experienced and I feel confident as well. It’s a marathon not a sprint and I’ll be victorious.”
Joshua also talked about the nightmare of losing to Ruiz and how he was able to overcome the media discussion on his defeat.
“Away from the bright lights and the media after my loss, it was a great time for me to use my time wisely and reflect,” the 30-year-old told Sky Sport. “I know how good I am and I work so hard at boxing, I dedicate my life to it. So it’s going to be no surprise to me when I win.”
Joshua also made a prediction of the fight, saying it will not end in the 12th round.
“You’re going to see fireworks, I’m going to be victorious and this ain’t going 12 rounds,” Joshua said.

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