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2023: Igbo Presidency Will Strengthen Nigeria’s Unity – Onyeagba

Nigerians have been urged to support the quest for a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction as it will further strengthen the country’s unity.
Comrade Charles Onyeagba, former Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) , Anambra State chapter, stated this in an interview with DAILY INDEPENDENT on Monday.
Onyeagba said Igbo presidency was not only necessary now, but would check current agitations, destroy imbalance in the nation’s political power sharing system, enhance economic development and give a sense of belonging to the Igbos.
Recall that since 1060 independence, no Nigerian of Igbo extraction had risen to the position of president as the highest they attained was Vice President in the person of the late Dr. Alex Ekwueme.

The former NLC state chairman, noted that there had been several Igbo leaders, who had proven that they could lead the country well if given the chance.
Onyeagba said that continued exclusion of Igbo from presidency would be detrimental to the unity of Nigeria.
He said: “The president of Nigeria of Igbo extraction should be made now. In practical terms, it means major political parties choosing their presidential candidates from Igboland. And there is quite a number of Igbos who have shown by example that they can deliver Nigeria.

“As an Igbo man myself, if by 2023 Nigeria does not produce a president from Igbo land, most Igbo people, not just the masses or IPOB, will have the impression that Igbos are not wanted in the country,” Onyeagba said.

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