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Proprietress Offers Cheap, Free Education To Pupils, Orphans

To fill the gap in the educational sector and assist indigent children in Dutse Alhaji Zone 3 in the FCT, a school Proprietress is offering free education in the community.
Mrs Grace Adegbomosho of the Golden Children Primary School said she lives in the area for over 15 years and discovered that alot of children in the community are out of school.

Adegbomosho, who is also the Head Teacher of the school said though the school has yet to be registered, it offers many children in the community formal education.

She said that the infrastructure in the school was from her meagre resources and was not adequate for the number of children that wanted to attend it, adding that some of them were turned back because of lack of space.

Adegbomosho said the school fees was N3000 and absolutely free for orphans, stating that she presently have 50 pupils in the class with five orphans.

According to her, over 150 pupils have passed through the school, adding that after primary four, she takes them to LEA for their certificate examinations to secondary schools.

“Any time they reach between primary four and primary five, they normally go to government schools to complete their education and the government schools do accept them.”

The Proprietress, however, solicits for funds to fix the infrastructure and hygienic lapses in the school environment.

However, Mrs Chidimma Michael, a parent of one of the pupils said the good performance of the school motivated her to bring her child in spite of the state of infrastructure and poor hygiene in the school environment.

“I personally love the school because of the behaviour and performance of my neighbour’s child that attends the school, so I decided to know the school, I saw her performance, the way she reads and speaks good english then I decided to bring my child here.

“The environment doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is the mode of teaching, the way the children are handled and its results on the children,” she said.

At the Local Education Authourity Nursery and Primary school in the area, NAN observed that some of the classrooms were peeling away while some were under lock and key.

Some students, who pleaded anonymity, lamented the poor state of the classrooms and the unhygienic state of the toilets in the school.

They said that the locked classrooms had been that way for over two years when the classrooms began shaking and the roofs began caving in which led to a life-threatening injury of a student.

The student, whose name was given as Abdulateef in class four, was alleged to have been injured by a falling roofing sheet.

“Whenever we were having classes, the building will be shaking as if it wants to fall. In fact, one of the classes led to the injury of Abdulateef, one of my schoolmates.

“The roofing pan fell during classes one day and hit him in the face. The next thing we saw was that one of his eye had almost fallen off.

“Since that day, the school authority had locked those classrooms and the boy is yet to resume school.”

All efforts made by NAN to speak with the school authorities proved abortive. (NAN)


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