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"Christianity And Islam Are Arrogant Religions, The World Would Be Better Without Them" –Bisi Alimi


Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi, while reacting to a mail he received from a man trying to preach to him to repent of his evil ways, has said has Christianity and Islam are arrogant religions.

He then went further to say that the world will be a better place to live in without the two religions.

Sharing a screenshot of the mail, Bisi Alimi wrote:
Got this via email today and it sends out few messages for me;
1- Abrahamic religion is an arrogant self loathing religion. I know some people will come here and say not all Muslims or not all Christian, but the truth be told, the world will be a better place without these two blood thirsty arrogant religions
2- it sends a message that homophobia has no border or boundary, some are just more diplomatic with Theo fateful bullshit than others.
3- That religion is a self hating and spiteful movement that despite what it says, lack the component of human connection, empathy and care.
4- finally that like every other idiots online hiding behind religion, this person (possibly a man) that sends this message needs love and care more than I do.

Imagine me, being a young or vulnerable gay man, still struggling with my sexuality as either a Christian or Muslim. Still being hunted by the fear of hell fire and opening my inbox and receiving this kind of message from someone who doesn’t know me but think that he/ she is doing me a favour by indicating that hell fire is my portion?

This is why I will never give a yard in grace to religion, it doesn’t matter how it is practice, it is still rooted in arrogance and self loathing.


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