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Avoid Potential Depression

Potential is such a dangerous thing to have – Àdìó Olanrewaju.
Right from birth, every one of us possesses inherent potentials usually referred to as talents and gifts. As we begin to grow, these potentials begin to manifest in our life. These innate gifts begin to come to the fore. For instance, some people discover they can run faster than others or are better at specific sports than the average individual. Some find out that they are faster at grasping concepts or that they easily excel others when it comes to academics.
Over time, the world – people around us – begins to notice our potentials. It is not uncommon to hear people say things like: since when he was a kid, we knew he would be a great artist, footballer, performer, etc. This is because some, if not most people, begin to show flashes of their inherent talent from a young age.
When our talents and gifts start to draw attention, more often than not, it comes with expectations on the part of the people around us. It comes to a time when your parents, family and friends start having different expectations of you as regards your innate abilities. They begin to make several insinuations, some of which are highfalutin, incredible and absurd. When this happens, you begin to have expectations of your own self too. You put yourself under pressure to deploy and maximize your talent for different purposes – mostly financial.
More often than not, this lead you to set impossible targets for yourself, to aim above how high your talent can carry you. This ultimately leads to failure and depression. It often leads to the insufficiency syndrome – a situation whereby you consider yourself as not good enough. This may eventually lead to an unfulfilled potential and by extension, an unfulfilled life. Hence, the introductory quote.
Below are some tips on how to avoid a burnout and breakdown into depression due to the expectations folks and even your own self have of your talents and innate abilities.
Once you discover your talents, the first thing you have to do is to develop them. Practice they say make better. In fact, practice makes everything. Therefore, don’t stop honing your talents. More importantly, learn adjoining skills to maximize your talents. You could be a good runner, but you have to learn the rules of the track. You could be a talented writer, but you have to learn about creative writing. So, learn, practise and improve. Then rinse and repeat. It is imperative that you get better or else you might not achieve your full potentials.
Now to the major issue: insufficiency. The questions you have to ask yourself every day are simple. Am I better than I was yesterday? Am I better than I used to be? Can I do more? These answers to these questions will guide you. It is important to know that we are not created equal. Also, I cannot agree less with the English maxim: “comparisons are odious”. Learnt not to compare yourself with other people. Our talent differs as our lives and paths. Comparing yourself with other people will only lead you to despair. Just make sure you are doing your best and constantly improving. That is all that matters.
Lastly, do not judge yourself by the inordinate expectations of other people. You do not owe them your talent. Learn to shield yourself from the pressure such people put you under. Many a man and woman have been destroyed because they allow the pressure to make something out of their talent get to them. Go and grow at your own pace. Be careful my friend, potential is a dangerous thing to have.
Williams Olaide Oladele 
Credits: Àdìó. WhatsApp @ +2348181271208

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