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Nigeria; A 58-Year Old Joke — Famakinde O. Michael

October 1st since 1960, in Nigeria, has been a date to always remember and celebrate. This assertion, therefore, makes today a somewhat special day as it marks the 58th year of Nigeria’s independence. 

Virtually everybody knows what ‘INDEPENDENCE’ means and how exhilarating and desirable it is. Oh, what a soothing and wonderful feeling it brings! But, how much of the soothing and wonderful feeling has Nigeria’s independence brought compared to the amount of acrimony, chagrin and pathetic treatments these past 57 years have brought to Nigerians? Does this independence anniversary call for a celebration or a mourning? I shall leave everybody to provide answers to those questions as they deem right.

There is an aphorism that says “a fool at 40 is a fool forever”. I wish I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the originator(s) of this aphorism, I would have asked what a fool at 58 would be. The same way it will be shameful for any parents to see their 58-year-old child still crawling or just learning to talk, ‘Nigeria’ would be a shame and a tear-jerker to the fathers who laid down their lives in the struggles for the birth of a true and independent Nigeria, if they were alive. Content of the 4th cum 5th lines of the 1st stanza of our national anthem is a mere declaration. What a BIG mess we are in! 

It is no news that all the existing sectors of the country are nothing to write home about. Education has become only but a routine that children should perform, if they feel like. It has lost its future-securing posture. More disheartening is the political system and practice. Until recently, there was hope in the future of Nigeria but the type of politics and degree at which it is being played lately makes Nigeria almost ‘futureLESS‘. 

Many near-to-the-grave men and women are vying for political positions at all cost, in all ways possible, even in ways that are sanely and ethically impossible. The fast-approaching 2019 General Election has raised a lot of fears and uncertainties in the hearts of Nigerians. History is about to be repeated. What a failure our so-called leaders are!

The youths have been called upon to delve into politics so as to drive all these septuagenarians, octogenarians etc. out of power. It now becomes a question whether we (the youths) even have the wherewithal to drive them out or whether the youths will rule any differently if they eventually assume the positions.

All in all, if we are all truly entitled to our opinions and thoughts, then my opinion is “Nigeria should split and each tribe should go its own way, if that will proffer a solution. There is no point trying to physically hold together what has already broken in spirit”.

Famakinde O. Michael Esq.

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